Pressurised System

Fast Flow Pressurised System

Fast Flow Pressurised System, the first in the world, is a product of more than seven years of success and refinements in the area of two-phase pressurised flow roof drainage. It combines the high drainage capacity of pressure flow and gravity flow branches into a common rainwater stack. It’s ideal for use in high-rise buildings with balconies and terraces. Fast Flow patented psVent™ prevents backflow from ever occurring in branches (typically linked to balconies).



For many years, architects and designers have been concerned with rainwater not effectively drained on balconies whenever there is a heavy rainfall. This is especially noticeable for high-rise buildings.  Commercial pipe junctions have not been able to prevent back-flow of rainwater while being drained.

Fast Flow has now revolutionized the industry with this new exciting patented system that solves the problem. The psVent™ system is an anti-backflow junction, specially designed for terrace and balcony. Since its launch in 2009, psVent™ system is now widely accepted and the preferred choice for architects and interior designers to be used in their buildings.