Aguner Construction and Engineering, provides innovative Siphonic System and Pressurised System for rainwater management in building projects across Asia Pacific. We at Aguner implement water drainage systems that seamlessly integrate into the host building, optimizing material use and achieving both architectural and engineering anticipations. Devoted to craft a well-planned and well-designed Siphonic System and Pressurised System with respect to rainwater drainage analysis and implementation that add value to the clients’ building while providing various advantages to most complex buildings we at Aguner are committed to deliver our best with respect to the rainwater drainage in buildings.

We consider every project as a unique project in its own way and we deliver solutions that are customised to achieve the optimum results for the rainwater management making use of our unique Siphonic System and Pressurised System in the building. We do not halt after a project is successfully finished but we strive to work on innovative ways to improve the sustainability in buildings.

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Our Team

Our team is specifically trained to meet all site and operational requirements which they may encounter.Installation is a key..

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We offer excellent services in Siphonic & Pressurised System and its allied sectors. Our expertise and quality is second to none..

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Our Services

Services Image1Engineering Services

Aguner Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd  is a leading provider of integrated Construction, Electrical, Plumping and maintenance services. We offer a wide range of engineering services to a diverse variety of industries across the Singapore.

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Services Image1Siphonic System Works

Our siphonic system setup comprises of high quality stainless steel siphonic roof outlets, high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes, fittings and a professional support package, the siphonic rainwater drainage system that allows the complete drainage..

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Services Image1Provision of Technical Staff & Skilled Workforce

We are providing Staff & Skilled Workforce  for all Construction and Maintenance Projects to various clients in Singapore. We provide Technical Staff, Health & Safety, Supervisors, Skilled workers etc..


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Our Clients

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