Our Team

Our team is specifically trained to meet all site and operational requirements which they may encounter. Installation is a key element of the service we offer. All projects are supplied with approved working drawings, depicting detailed pipe height & route, pipe diameters and flow rates. All pipe lengths, bends branches etc are calculated by our design engineers, ensuring the final analytical design meets the requirements as specified by the client. Our team provides products and the expertise to design and install the optimum rainwater drainage solution for new build or refurbishment project with highly skilled expertise. With a vast experience, when it comes to quality, value and excellence in water management solutions Aguner and its efficient team stands out.

Our team of qualified engineers and water management specialists are dedicated in their approach to provide the highest quality service that caters to the client demands for a smooth, efficient and flawless process. Our team provides unmatched range of services in design, supply and installation including Building Rectification / Remedial issues, Design, Modelling and Process and a full length Water Management System Design and Advisory Services. Our team strongly believes on providing solutions that truly display the values and versatility of our services. Our team is always conscious of cost competences, restructuring resources and enhancing justifiable practices. Our efficient team relishes the challenge of providing holistic solutions that seamlessly blend with siphonic projects. With a well-regarded Trade background our team's talent is second to none in creating innovative solutions that deliver cost effective, high performance water management solutions. Great prudence combined with excellent management experience guarantee the smooth operation and progress of projects. A front-runner of continuous improvement, our team is the first to grasp every opportunity to make a difference with its process, product and project. From Design Concept to the preparation and submission of certification materials, our team deliver an individually devoted attitude to ensure every solution satisfies precisely to individual needs. Our experienced team individually accesses and help the clients and ensure the entire process is smooth and the result is accomplished as per the requirement and agreed budget in the most efficient timeframe.

Our team not only provides the ultimate quality water management solutions but also offers complete project management support, right through to post installation maintenance checks. Whether you need the most advanced integrated siphonic system, water-harvesting solutions requiring minimal maintenance, indoor hydronic systems or the incorporation of finest pre-fabricated systems, our team can efficiently the complete process for you from beginning to end.