Aguner Construction and Engineering, provides innovative Siphonic System and Pressurised System for rainwater management in building projects across Asia Pacific. We at Aguner implement water drainage systems that seamlessly integrate into the host building, optimizing material use and achieving both architectural and engineering anticipations. Devoted to craft a well-planned and well-designed Siphonic System and Pressurised System with respect to rainwater drainage analysis and implementation that add value to the clients’ building while providing various advantages to most complex buildings we at Aguner are committed to deliver our best with respect to the rainwater drainage in buildings. We consider every project as a unique project in its own way and we deliver solutions that are customised to achieve the optimum results for the rainwater management making use of our unique Siphonic System and Pressurised System in the building. We do not halt after a project is successfully finished but we strive to work on innovative ways to improve the sustainability in buildings. We integrate our service with the hydraulic services consultants, architects and builders, blending both traditional and modern skill sets. On the technical side, this involves scalability of couplings, performance management and robustness with a sensible design and efficient building technologies.

Our technically qualified engineers manage the design and installation of the complete rainwater drainage system, including complicated design concepts and installation. We involve and enable our clients from the first stage till the completion of the project, allowing our clients to make knowledgeable choices that may have to be integrated along with the range of drainage options available. We also offer various integrated solutions during the project, based on thorough engineering principles. Nevertheless our installations are comparatively on the lower side in cost with other drainage systems that are currently available. Driven by ethical trade values, Efficiency and Expertise have been the catchphrase which has motivated our Company. These ideals have been the philosophies by which we ensure that improvements within working practices are delivered. This apart we at Aguner render service in the electrical and civil engineering sector too.

Rainwater management is one of the modest and ancient techniques of self-supply of water for non-potable or potable use. Rainwater management offers a liberated water supply during provincial water restrictions and is often used to complement the main resource. Rainwater management is the gathering and removal of rainwater for reuse, rather than allowing it to run off as waste water. Rainwater is usually collected from roof-tops, and the water thus collected is redirected to a deep pit or a reservoir with percolation. Integration of rainwater harvesting in urban system provides a considerable advantage for both water supply and wastewater subsystems. Rainwater management systems can range in sophistication, from systems that can be installed with least skills, to automated systems that require innovative setup and hi level advanced technical installation. The simple Rainwater management system is more of a properly designed and channelled water drainage system, than a technical work, as all the water vents from the building terrace are connected through a pipe to an underground tank that stores water for future use accordingly. In a country like Singapore, which has restricted land resources and a rising requirement for water, is always on the lookout for alternative sources and innovative methods in rainwater management. Since almost 86% of Singapore’s population live in high-rise buildings, the water that is used primarily for non-potable functions accounts to a greater percentage of the total water used, and a proper method of rainwater management undoubtedly results in considerable savings per annum.